Local Government Training

Local Government Training For decades, the New York Department of State’s Local Government Training (LGt) staff have taught land use planning and regulation and local governance and procedure to thousands of local elected and appointed officials annually at regional and county workshops across the state.

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The James A. Coon Local Government Technical Series includes a long list of titles from Adopting Local Laws in New York State  to Zoning and the Comprehensive Plan, and everything in between related to land use planning, regulation and other aspects of local governance.

When the staff is not training local officials on-site at regional conferences, they are available at (800) 367-8488 or (518) 473-3355 to assist members of planning boards, zoning boards of appeals, and local governing boards, as well as municipal staff and others, with technical information and explanations, tips, and examples of successful approaches to land use and other local regulation.

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Read more about the requirement that members of local planning boards and zoning boards of appeals and county planning boards receive a minimum of four hours of training annually.

Local Government Training Courses

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For members of planning boards and zoning boards of appeals, elected officials, and the general public.
Courses are presented by DOS planners and attorneys at conferences and workshops across the state, hosted by regional and county planning agencies.
Course Listing Course Length Online Course
Adaptive Reuses for White Elephants 1 hr.
Adopting and Amending Zoning 1.5 hrs.
Affordable Housing 1.5 hrs.
Aging in Place 1 hr. Online
Blight: Strategies and Tools for Local Governments 1.5 hr.
Building Community Resilience: A DOS OPDCI Perspective 1 hr.
Case Law Update for Planning and Zoning 1 hr.
Cemeteries 101 1 hr.
The Code: What Every Local Official Should Know about the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code 1.5 hrs.
Community Design Tools 1.5 hrs.
Comprehensive Planning 1.5 hrs.
Downtown Revitalization 1.5 hrs.
Enforcement of Zoning and Other Local Laws 1.5 hrs.
Ethical Standards for Planning and
Zoning Boards
(Online Video Only)
1 hr. Video
Farmland Protection and Agricultural Viability 2 hrs.
Financial Analysis of Shared Services and Intermunicipal Cooperation 1 hr.
Floodplain Regulation for Local Review Boards 1.5 hrs.
Form-Based Zoning 1.5 hrs.
Freedom of Information Law/Open Meetings Law 2 hrs.
Historic Preservation 1.5 hrs. Online
Hot Button Land Uses 2 hrs.
Intermunicipal Agreements 1 hr.
Intermunicipal Cooperation: Building Code Enforcement 1 hr.
Intermunicipal Planning 1 hr.
Land Use Moratoria 1 hr.
Local Government Overview 1.5 hrs.
Local Government Public Officers 1.5hrs. Online
Local Regulations: Enactment Procedure 1.5 hrs.
Minute Taking and Other Duties of Planning Board and ZBA Secretaries 1 hr.
The Office of Planning and Development’s (OPD) Geographic Information Gateway: An Introduction 1 hrs.
Open Space Planning 1.5 hrs.
Planned Unit Developments 1.5 hrs.
Planning and Zoning: An Introduction 2 hrs.
Planning Board Overview 2 hrs. Online
Public Meetings and Hearings 1 hr. Online
Record Keeping 1 hr. Online
Revising Zoning 1.5 hrs.
Rural Planning 2 hrs.
Short Term Rentals 1 hrs.
Sign Regulation 1.5 hrs.
Site Plan Review 1 hr.
Smart Growth 1.5 hrs.
Solar Energy Regulation 1.5 hrs.
Special Use Permits 1 hr.
Spot Zone or Grant the Illegal Use Variance 1 hrs.
State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Basics 2 hrs. Online
State Environmental Quality Review: The Short Environmental Assessment Form 1 hr.
Stormwater Regulation 2 hrs.
Subdivision Review 2 hrs.
Tips for Regulating Telecommunications Facilities 1 hrs.
Transit-Oriented Development 1.5 hrs.
Walkable Communities 1 hr.
Wind Energy Regulation 1.5 hrs.
Zoning Board of Appeals Overview 2 hrs. Online