LGe Grant Program

Local Government Efficiency Program The Local Government Efficiency (LGe) Grant Program provides technical assistance and competitive grants to local governments for the development of projects that will achieve savings and improve municipal efficiency through shared services, cooperative agreements, mergers, consolidations and dissolutions. With the creation of the LGe program, New York State is committed to working with local governments to control costs while maintaining the quality service delivery provided by New York’s local governments. The Department of State continues to be well positioned to coordinate the joint provision of state services, promote state and local cost efficiencies.

NOTE: The LGe program, formerly the Shared Municipal Services Incentive program, was established by the 2005-2006 NYS Budget.

LGe Grants LGe Grant Program

The Local Government Efficiency Grant is a competitive grant to local governments that help reduce municipal expenses and property taxes by helping local government entities plan for and implement new service delivery efficiencies. The Local Government Citizens Reorganization Empowerment Grant is a noncompetitive grant that provides funding to study, plan for and/or implement the restructuring of local governments subject to General Municipal Law Article 17-A.

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Grant Contract Administration:
Below you will find common forms and instructions for grant recipients. Questions about these items should be directed to the Local Government Efficiency grant program by calling (518) 473-3355 or emailing LGEprogram@dos.ny.gov.

Final Project Summary Report
Minority and Women-owned Business (MWBE)
  Program Quarterly Contractor Report

Minority and Women-owned Business (MWBE)
  Force Employment Utilization Form

Electronic Filing Instructions for MWBE
Project Status Report Form
Certification of Grantee
Payment Request Forms (doc)
Payment Request Forms (pdf)

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