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Government Reorganization

In New York State, local governments may consider consolidation into a single entity. For example, two towns may have determined that rather than exist as two separate municipal entities, consolidating into a single town would result in tax savings or service efficiencies.

Communities considering consolidation may be eligible for a Local Government Efficiency grant to assist with studying the feasibility of consolidation or to assist with the consolidation itself.

Resources & Publications

The Department of State has prepared a number of resources to help communities better understand municipal mergers, consolidations, and dissolutions.

The Reorganization of Local Government (PDF, 4 pages)

Guide to the Reorganization of School Districts in New York State »

Intergovernmental Cooperation »

Legal Framework for Providing Local Government Services » (NYS Assembly)

Villages dissolved since 1900 & incorporated since 1940 »

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Studies & Reports

The New N.Y. Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act (PDF, 41 pages)

The Citizen’s Guide to Petitioning for Local Government Consolidation or Dissolution
(PDF, 14 pages)

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